Wind Spinner – 3D Collection – Blue Butterfly Small / 6.5″ H


6.50 W X 0.05 D X 6.50 H In. / W X 0.13 D X 16.51 H Cm

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Instructions For Opening Your 3-Dimensional Wind Spinners
Grasp The Bottom Of The Wind Spinner With One Hand. With The Other Hand, Grab The First Few Inner Rings.
Twist The First Few Inner Rings Open To 60-80 Degrees. Both Sides Should Open Simultaneously To Form A Fist Sized Pocket That Catches The Wind.
Adjust Rings For Even Spacing And Aesthetics.
Push Or Pull The Center Pieces Out In Different Directions So That They Become Dimensional (Some In Front, Some In Back).
Adjust The Center Pieces To Look Aesthetic, Including Bending Wings.
Made Of Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

Do Not Leave Outdoors In Freezing Temperatures