Horses / 5 In. X 7 In.


Lp1021 / 6″ W X 8.3″ H / Cm W X Cm H

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The Green Cover Of This Horse Card Features A Silhouette Of A Horse On A Pasture.

Open This Card To A Pop Up Of Two Chestnut Colored Horses Running Through A Field. The Bottom Edge Of The Card Is Embellished With A Barn And Red Fencing.

Inspiration For The Horses Running Pop-Up Birthday Card:
We Love The Feeling Of The Wind Whipping Through Our Hair And The Freedom That We Feel While Cantering Across A Field On The Back Of An Amazing Horse. Accomplish Your Equestrian Dreams With This Realistic Card.

Occasions For The 3D Pop-Up Horses Running Birthday Card:
Surprise Any Horse Lover With This Card For Their Birthday, As A Thank You, Or Just Because You Want To See Their Face When They Open It.