French Flower Cart / 6 In. X 8.3 In.


Lp1099 / 6″ W X 8.3″ H / Cm W X Cm H

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French Flower Cart Is A Pop-Up Card Unlike Any Other. The Canary Yellow Cover Of This Card Features A Laser-Cut Illustration Of A French Flower Cart And A Fluttering Butterfly.

Open This Beautiful Valentine’S Day Card And A Magnificent Sight Awaits A Pop-Up, Three-Dimensional Flower Cart Full Of Lush Paper Flowers And Plants With A Butterfly Perched On The Handle.

Full Of Intricate Details And Rich Color This Card Is Too Sweet To Close.

Inspiration For The French Flower Cart Pop-Up Valentine’S Day Card:
Flowers Make Us Happy. Roses, Daisies, Or Poppies. It Doesn’T Matter. They Smell Good And Look Great.

Taking A Stroll To The Streetside Flower Cart On Our Lunch Break For A Floral Treat Is A Summertime Ritual. The French Flower Cart Card Recreates This Pleasant Feeling.

Occasions For The 3D Pop-Up French Flower Card Valentine’S Day Card:
The French Flower Cart Is A Wonderful Valentine’S Day Card. Perfect For Gifting To A Man, Woman, Or Child.

The Design Is Unmistakably Elegant, But The Butterfly Accent Adds A Whimsical Touch Making This Love Card A Fun Way To Express Thoughtful Sentiments To Anyone At Any Time.