Bunny Family / 5 In. X 7 In.


Lp1752 / 5″ W X 7″ H / Cm W X Cm H

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The Light Purple Cover Of The Bunny Family Pop Up Card Features A Printed Little, White Bunny On The Back Of A Bigger, Brown Bunny.

Once Opened, The Bunny Family Reveals The Two Bunnies From The Cover In The Center Of The Card. The White Bunny Is Perked Up While The Bigger, Brown Bunny, With Its Ears Pointed Slightly Downward, Is Standing In Place On The Flowery Meadow. Behind The Bunny Family, A Moss-And-Flower-Covered Log Is Home To Three More Little White Bunnies!

Inspiration For The Bunny Family Pop Up Card:
Lovepop Designer Kincso Loves Bunny Rabbits, So It Should Come As No Surprise That This Intricate Sculpture Is Inspired By Her Former Furry Pal, Velvet The Rabbit.

Velvet The Rabbit Was A Serious Little Fellow — And Very Large. So When It Came To Making This Beautiful Sculpture, Kincso Wanted To Make Sure That It Incorporated A Little Bit Of Velvet (The Brown Bunny) Into It.

A Job Well Done, Kincso!

Occasions For The Bunny Family Pop Up Card:
The Bunny Family Is Perfect To Give Your Mom On Mother’S Day Or To The Bunny-Loving Friend In Your Life Just Because.

The Bunny Family Pop Up Is Also Great To Give On Easter Either As An Invitation To The Gathering Or To The Little Kids As Gifts In Their Baskets.